Allow Web Ads in Sophos UTM

One of my customers uses the Sophos UTM with the web filter option (aka proxy server) enabled. The customer also uses search engines a lot to find companies in his area.
Some of the results are shown as advertising in the result list. If users click on one of those links Sophos shows the following message:
Content blocked

While trying to retrieve the URL:
The content is blocked due to the following condition:
The URL you have requested is blocked by Surf Protection. If you think this is wrong, please contact your administrator.
Blocked Category (Web Ads)

So it looks like Sophos blocks web ads which is normally fine but in that case causes trouble. There are at least two solutions for this problem:

Solution 1: Allow all web ads

This is done in Web Protection / Filtering Options / Categories / Suspicious. Here you can disable the option “Web ads”. This will allow all web ads.

Solution 2: Allow the specific web ad url

You can allow only some of the web ads by adding the urls to the white list of allowed domains. This can be done under Web Protection / Filtering Options / Exceptions.
Add a new exception list with the name “Allowed Ads” and add the web ad urls (hostnames) with the option “URL filter” enabled and “Matching these URLs” selected. Add the regex filter of the web ad service like this:

This string will allow Google web ads.


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